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1170 CE 1180 CE 1190 CE  
1174 CE - 1193 CE: Reign of Saladin, Sultan of Egypt and Syria, and founder of the Ayyubid dynasty.
1174 CE: Saladin captures Damascus.
1174 CE: After the death of Nur ad-Din, Saladin proclaims himself as the independent ruler of Egypt.
1175 CE: Saladin defeats an army from Aleppo at Hama.
1177 CE: Saladin defeats a Franks army at Mont Gisard.
1179 CE: Saladin defeats a Franks army at Marj Ayyun.
1183 CE: Saladin captures Aleppo.
1185 CE: Saladin captures Mosul.
1187 CE: Saladin captures Jerusalem.
1187 CE: Saldin defeats the Franks army at the battle of Hattin
1187 CE: Saladin attacks the Franks-held castle of Kerak.
1188 CE: Saladin besieges the Knights Hospitaller castle of Krak des Chevaliers but withdraws to meet the Third Crusade.
1189 CE - 1192 CE: The Third Crusade is formed with the aim of recapturing Jerusalem for Christendom. Although some cities were recaptured, Jerusalem was not one of them.
1189 CE - 1191 CE: The siege of Acre during the Third Crusade.
1191 CE: Richard I captures Acre during the Third Crusade.
1192 CE: The Crusader army led by Richard I of England arrives within sight of Jerusalem but decides not to attack for fear of a counter-attack by Saladin.
1192 CE: Saladin takes Jaffa during the Third Crusade.
1192 CE: Richard I of England retakes Jaffa from Saladin during the Third Crusade.
1193 CE: Death of Saladin, Sultan of Egypt and Syria.
1170 CE 1180 CE 1190 CE

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