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484 BCE: The first temple of the Dioscuri (Castor & Pollux) is dedicated in Rome's Forum Romanum by Aulus Postumius following his victory over the Latins at the Battle of Lake Regillus.
380 BCE: Rebuilding of Rome. Strong walls around the seven hills.
321 BCE: The Via Appia, a famous Roman road, is constructed.
312 BCE: Rome's first aqueduct constructed, the 16 km long Aqua Appia.
184 BCE: The first basilica is added to to Rome's Forum Romanum.
146 BCE: First Roman all-marble building is constructed, the temple of Jupiter Stater in Rome.
144 BCE - 140 BCE: Rome's 91 km long Aqua Marcia aqueduct constructed.
121 BCE: The first triumphal arch is added to Rome's Forum Romanum.
75 BCE: The amphitheatre of Pompeii is built.
55 BCE: Pompey the Great builds the first permanent stone theatre in Rome.
54 BCE - 29 BCE: Forum of Caesar constructed in Rome by Julius Caesar as another area to conduct judicial business. It is the best surviving of his monuments.
29 BCE: Augustus builds the temple of Divius Iulius on the spot of Julius Caesar's funeral pyre in Rome's Forum Romanum.
27 BCE: The first Pantheon is built in Rome and dedicated by Marcus Agrippa.
20 BCE: The Campus Martius baths in Rome are constructed and donated to the people by Agrippa.
20 BCE: Military engineer and architect Vitruvius publishes his "De Architectura".
19 BCE: Arch of Augustus built in Rome to commemorate victory over the Parthians.
13 BCE: Official inauguration of the Theatre of Marcellus in Rome.
2 BCE: Augusutus inaugurates the Temple of Mars Ultor in Rome to commemorate his victory at the Battle of Philippi in 42 BCE.
1 CE - 100 CE: Construction of the temple of Jupiter Baal by the Romans at Baalbek.
50 CE: The largest Roman aqueduct, 49 m high, completed at Pont du Gard.
65 CE: The Baths of Nero are built in Rome.
65 CE: The Circus Maximus in Rome is rebuilt and its capacity increased to 250,000.
72 CE: Vespasian begins construction of the Colosseum in Rome.
80 CE: The Colosseum in Rome is officially opened by Titus with a 100 day gladiator spectacular.
81 CE - 96 CE: Construction is finally completed on the Colosseum of Rome in the reign of Domitian.
81 CE: The Arch of Titus is built in Rome's Forum Romanum to commemorate the conquest of Jerusalem.
110 CE: The Baths of Trajan in Rome are completed.
113 CE: Trajan’s column is constructed in Rome which commemorates the emperor's campaigns in Dacia.
117 CE - 138 CE: Rule of the Roman Emperor Hadrian who supports great building projects in and around the Agora of Athens.
122 CE: Construction begins on Hadrian's Wall.
125 CE: The Pantheon is completed in Rome.
127 CE: The Baths of Hadrian at Lepcis Magna are completed.
150 CE: Nymphaion fountain of Herodes Atticus built at Olympia.
162 CE: The Antonine Baths at Carthage are completed.
180 CE: The Column of Marcus Aurelius and Faustina is erected in Rome. It depicts in relief sculpture the emperors' campaigns across the Danube.
202 CE: The Pantheon in Rome is repaired by Septimius Severus and Caracalla.
203 CE: The Arch of Septimius Severus is built in Rome's Forum Romanum to commemorate victories over the Parthians.
216 CE: The Severan basilica at Lepcis Magna is built.
227 CE: The Baths of Nero in Rome are extensively renovated and expanded by Alexander Severus and renamed Thermae Alexandrinae.
235 CE: The Baths of Caracalla in Rome are completed.
305 CE: The Baths of Diocletian in Rome are completed.
315 CE: Arch of Constantine I built in Rome to commemorate victory over Maxentius in 312 CE.
315 CE: The Baths of Constantine I in Rome are completed.
360 CE - 380 CE: The Temple of Saturn is rebuilt in the Forum Romanum of Rome.
608 CE: The Pantheon in Rome is converted into a Christian church.
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