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375 CE: Saint Euverte, the Bishop of Orleans, oversees the construction of the first church on the site of Orleans Cathedral.
848 CE: Charles the Bald, king of West Francia, is crowned in Orleans Cathedral.
888 CE: Odo of West Francia is crowned in Orleans Cathedral.
989 CE: A fire destroys part of Orleans Cathedral.
1000 CE: Orlean Cathedral is rebuilt in the Romanesque style.
1087 CE: The apse of Orleans Cathedral is extended.
1107 CE: A two-towered western facade is added to Orleans Cathedral.
1107 CE: Louis VI the Fat, King of the Franks, is crowned in Orleans Cathedral.
1278 CE: Part of the north aisle of Orleans Cathedral collapses due to subsidence.
1286 CE: Another portion of Orlean Cathedral's nave collapses due to subsidence.
1287 CE: Work begins on reconstructing Orleans Cathedral in the Gothic style.
1429 CE: Joan of Arc prays in Orleans Cathedral during the Hundred Years' War.
1568 CE: The Huguenots partially destroy Orleans Cathedral but it is later restored.
1679 CE: The stained glass rose windows of the transepts of Orleans Cathedral are completed.
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