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Old Dongola Timeline

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  • c. 500 CE - c. 1365 CE
    The Nubian kingdom of Dongola flourishes in the Sudan.
  • c. 540 CE
    Traditional date that the Kingdom of Dongola adopts Christianity.
  • c. 652 CE
    A non-aggression and trade treaty is signed between the Kingdom of Dongola and Egypt.
  • c. 697 CE
    The Kingdom of Dongola absorbs or unifies with the two neighbouring Christian kingdoms of Faras (Nobatia) and Alodia.
  • c. 1002 CE
    A large palace is built at Dongola, capital of the Nubian kingdom of that name.
  • 1276 CE
    The Mamluks of Egypt attack the Nubian kingdom of Dongola.
  • 1315 CE
    The Mamluks of Egypt install a Muslim puppet ruler in the Nubian kingdom of Dongola.
  • 1317 CE
    The cathedral of Dongola is converted into a mosque.
  • c. 1365 CE
    The Kingdom of Dongola moves its capital from Dongola to Daw.

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