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950 CE 960 CE  
955 CE: The future Nikephoros II Phokas becomes the head Byzantine military commander, replacing his father Bardas.
955 CE: John Tzimiskes is appointed domestikos of the East in the Byzantine Empire.
961 CE: The Byzantine Empire reconquers Crete from the Arabs under Nikephoros Phokas, the future Emperor Nikephoros II.
962 CE: Byzantine forces under Nikephoros Phokas sack Anazarbos and Hierapolis in Syria.
963 CE: Romanos II dies.
963 CE: Nikephoros II Phokas becomes Byzantine emperor.
963 CE: Nikephoros II Phokas marries Theophano, the widow of Romanos II.
963 CE - 969 CE: Reign of Byzantine emperor Nikephoros II Phokas.
965 CE: Byzantine forces are defeated and forced out of Sicily by Muslim troops.
967 CE: Sayf al-Dawla, the Hamdanid Emir of Mosul, dies.
968 CE: Nikephoros II Phokas marches Byzantine forces as far south as Lebanon.
968 CE: Rus forces under Sviatoslav raid deep into Bulgaria, effectively occupying it by the next year.
968 CE: Byzantine forces under Nikephoros II Phokas take the important Lebanese port city of Laodikeia.
969 CE: Byzantine forces recapture the city of Antioch from the Arabs.
969 CE: John Tzimiskes murders Nikephoros II Phokas in the imperial Byzantine palace in Constantinople.
950 CE 960 CE

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