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207 BCE: The Battle of the Metaurus River; Hasdrubal Barca of Carthage is defeated by Roman forces under Gaius Claudius Nero.
4 BCE - 65 CE: Life of Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Emperor Nero's tutor and advisor.
37 CE: Birth of Nero.
49 CE: Seneca is recalled from exile and becomes the tutor of future Roman emperor Nero.
50 CE: Adoption of Nero by Emperor Claudius.
53 CE: Emperor marries Octavia.
54 CE: Nero becomes Roman emperor.
54 CE - 68 CE: Reign of Roman emperor Nero.
59 CE: Otho Exiled to Lusitania by Emperor Nero.
60 CE: Boudicca revolts in Britain.
62 CE: Emperor Nero marries Poppaea.
64 CE: Emperor Nero visits Pompeii.
64 CE: Rome burns during the reign of Nero.
64 CE: Nero reduces the weight and percentage of precious metal in Roman coins, a trend continued by several subsequent Roman emperors.
65 CE: Piso Conspiracy against Nero.
65 CE: The Baths of Nero are built in Rome.
65 CE: Nero orders Seneca to commit suicide.
66 CE: Vespasian sent to Judea by Nero.
67 CE: Under Nero excavation of the Corinth Canal begins but is abandoned after three months.
67 CE: Emperor Nero competes at the panhellenic Games of Olympia and Delphi.
68 CE: Death of Emperor Nero.
68 CE: Death of Nero and Galba assumes throne.
227 CE: The Baths of Nero in Rome are extensively renovated and expanded by Alexander Severus and renamed Thermae Alexandrinae.
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