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607 CE: The Horyuji Buddhist temple is built in Nara, Japan during the reign of Regent Prince Shotoku.
670 CE: Many structures at the Buddhist Horyuji monastery in Nara, Japan are destroyed by fire.
710 CE - 794 CE: The Nara Period in ancient Japan.
710 CE: The Japanese capital is moved from Fujiwara-kyo to Nara (aka Heijokyo).
710 CE: The buildings of the Buddhist Horyuji monastery in Nara, Japan are rebuilt.
710 CE: The Buddhist Kofukuji temple is established at Nara, main temple of the Japanese Fujiwara clan.
710 CE - 784 CE: Nara is the capital of ancient Japan.
710 CE: Date favoured by historians for the founding of the Kasuga Taisha Shinto shrine at Nara, Japan.
718 CE: Yakushiji temple is relocated from Fujiwara-kyo to Nara.
718 CE: The Buddhist Gango-ji temple is relocated from Asuka to Nara in Japan.
739 CE: The Hall of Dreams or Yumedono is built at the Buddhist monastery of Horyuji, Nara, Japan.
747 CE: A statue of Hachiman is ceremoniously transferred from the Shinto Usa shrine to the Buddhist Todaiji shrine in Nara, Japan.
752 CE: The Buddhist Todaiji temple is founded at Nara, Japan.
759 CE: The Buddhist Toshodai-ji temple is founded at Nara, Japan by the monk Ganjin.
768 CE: Official founding date of the Kasuga Taisha Shinto shrine at Nara, Japan.
784 CE: Emperor Kammu moves the Japanese capital from Nara to Nagaokakyo.
841 CE: Hunting and tree-felling are prohibited in the forests around the Kasuga Taisha temple, Nara, Japan.
990 CE: The Lecture Hall at the Buddhist monastery of Horyuji in Nara, Japan is built.
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