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167 CE: Marcomanni sack Aquileia.
257 CE - 263 CE: The Goths raid Greece.
267 CE: The Goths sack Athens, Corinth, Sparta, and Argos.
300 CE - 700 CE: Migration Age in Europe.
367 CE: Picts, Scots, Saxons, and Franks attack the Roman Empire.
372 CE: Huns conquer the Ostrogoths.
376 CE: The Visigoths are fleeing the Huns, entering the Eastern Roman Empire.
376 CE: The Goths cross the Danube.
378 CE: The Goths defeat Emperor Valens is near Adrianople.
402 CE: Ravenna becomes the capital of the Western Roman empire.
406 CE: Vandals, Suevi, and Alans invade Gaul.
410 CE: Alaric of the Visigoths sacks Rome.
418 CE: Visigoths settle in Aquitaine.
429 CE: Vandals cross Spain to the Maghreb.
450 CE: Angels and Saxons settle Britain.
451 CE: Aetius defeats Attila of the Huns at the Catalaunian Fields, together with Rome’s allies.
455 CE: Vandals sack Rome.
462 CE: Visigoths expand into Spain.
480 CE: Julius Nepos, the last Western Roman emperor, dies. This is the `unofficial' end of the Western Roman Empire.
486 CE: Clovis of the Franks defeats the Romans in Gaul. Founding of the Frankish kingdom.
488 CE - 493 CE: Theodoric the Great of the Ostrogoths conquers Italy.
503 CE: Clovis converts to Christianity.
507 CE: Clovis defeats the Visigoths and drives them into the Iberian peninsula.
533 CE - 534 CE: The Vandal War launched by Emperor Justinian I, aimed a reconquering Africa from the Vandals.
534 CE: Justinian of the Byzantine Empire conquers the Vandal kingdom in Africa.
535 CE - 554 CE: The Gothic War launched by Emperor Justinian I, aimed at reconquering Italy from the Goths.
536 CE - 562 CE: The Byzantine Empire conquers Italy.
554 CE: Byzantine Empire conquers southern Iberia.
568 CE - 582 CE: Lombards invade northern Italy.
571 CE: Visigoths conquer Cordoba.
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