Mali Empire Timeline

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250 BCE - 1100 CE: The city of Djenne-Djenno flourishes in West Africa.
1230 CE - 1255 CE: Reign of Sundiata Keita, founder of the Mali Empire.
1235 CE: Sundiata Keita defeats Sumanguru, the king of Sosso, and establishes independence for the Malinke.
1240 CE - 1645 CE: The Mali Empire rules in West Africa.
1240 CE: Sundiata Keita conquers the territory of the Ghana Empire and founds the Mali Empire.
1255 CE - 1270 CE: Mansa Uli rules the Mali Empire.
1312 CE - 1337 CE: Mansa Musa I rules the Mali Empire.
1324 CE: Mansa Musa I, the ruler of the Mali Empire, famously visits Cairo and spends an enormous quantity of gold.
1337 CE - 1341 CE: Mansa Maghan rules the Mali Empire.
1341 CE - 1360 CE: Mansa Sulayman rules the Mali Empire.
1352 CE: The Muslim traveller Ibn Battuta visits the Mali Empire, including Timbuktu.
1374 CE - 1387 CE: Mansa Musa II rules the Mali Empire.
1468 CE: King Sunni Ali of the Songhai Empire conquers most of the Mali Empire.
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