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770 CE 780 CE 790 CE 800 CE 810 CE 820 CE 830 CE 840 CE 850 CE 860 CE 870 CE 880 CE 890 CE 900 CE 910 CE 920 CE  
774 CE - 835 CE: Kukai (Kobo Daishi), founder of Japanese Esoteric Buddhism.
774 CE - 835 CE: Life of the monk Kukai (aka Kobo Daishi), founder of Shingon Buddhism in Japan.
804 CE: Kukai's initiation as 8th Patriarch of Esoteric Buddhism.
804 CE - 806 CE: Japanese monk Kukai (aka Kobo Daishi) visits China and discovers Shingon Buddhism.
819 CE: Kukai (Kobo Daishi) establishes a monastery and headquarters for Shingon Buddhism on Mount Koya in Japan.
921 CE: The monk Kukai, founder of Shingon Buddhism in Japan, is given the posthumous title of Kobo Daishi.
770 CE 790 CE 810 CE 830 CE 850 CE 870 CE 890 CE 910 CE

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