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  • c. 900 CE - c. 1390 CE
    The Kingdom of Kanem flourishes near Lake Chad, Africa.
  • 1067 CE - 1071 CE
    Reign of Hu (aka Hawwa), regarded as the first king (or possibly queen) to adopt Islam in the Kingdom of Kanem.
  • c. 1075 CE
    The Saifawa dynasty begins to rule in the Kingdom of Kanem.
  • c. 1221 CE - 1259 CE
    Reign of Mai Dunama Dibbalemi, ruler of the Kingdom of Kanem n
  • c. 1300 CE
    The Kingdom of Kanem takes control of the Fezzan oases in the Sahara Desert.
  • 1324 CE
    The Kingdom of Kanem near Lake Chad founds a Muslim educational institution (madrasa) at Fustat in Egypt.
  • c. 1390 CE
    The king of Kanem is forced to flee a Bulala invasion and establishes a new kingdom of Bornu further west.

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