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1340 CE 1350 CE 1360 CE 1370 CE 1380 CE 1390 CE 1400 CE 1410 CE  
1342 CE - 1416 CE: Life of Christian Mystic and anchoress Julian of Norwich.
1373 CE: Julian of Norwich has near-death experience and receives her famous visions from God.
1373 CE: Julian of Norwich writes down her visions under the title Showings.
1388 CE - 1398 CE: Julian of Norwich revises and expands upon her visionary work Showings.
1413 CE: Julian of Norwich is visited by fellow Christian mystic Margery Kempe for counsel.
1340 CE 1350 CE 1360 CE 1370 CE 1380 CE 1390 CE 1400 CE 1410 CE

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