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9000 BCE: City of Jericho founded in region of Jordan.
7000 BCE - 5000 BCE: Community of Ain Ghazal flourishes in Jordan.
2334 BCE - 2100 BCE: Region of Jordan part of the Akkadian Empire.
2000 BCE: Arrival of the Hyksos in Jordan.
1570 BCE: Hyksos driven from Jordan by the Egyptians.
1458 BCE - 1425 BCE: Region of Jordan flourishes under reign of Egyptian pharaoh Thutmose III.
1200 BCE: Invasion of Jordan region by the Sea Peoples.
1115 BCE - 612 BCE: Jordan is part of the Assyrian and Neo-Assyrian Empire.
549 BCE - 330 BCE: Jordan is part of the Achaemenid Empire of the Persians.
331 BCE - 323 BCE: Jordan taken by Alexander the Great in his conquest of Persia.
175 BCE - 164 BCE: Foundation of Hellenistic Jerash in Jordan.
168 BCE - 106 CE: The Kingdom of Nabatea flourishes in region of modern-day Jordan.
129 BCE - 102 BCE: Jerash in Jordan, is ruled by successive warlord-kings.
99 BCE - 63 BCE: Jerash in Jordan is ruled by the Hasmonean Kingdom.
63 BCE: Jerash in Jordan becomes part of the Roman province of Syria.
106 CE - 634 CE: Jordan is part of the Roman Empire.
106 CE: Jerash in Jordan becomes part of the Roman province of Arabia.
129 CE - 130 CE: Roman emperor Hadrian visits Jerash in Jordan, a visit commemorated by a triumphal arch.
375 CE - 425 CE: Reign of Queen Mavia of the Tanukhids in the regions of Syria and ancient Jordan.
454 CE: The Roman Baths of Flaccus at Jerash in Jordan are constructed.
535 CE: A new theatre is built at Byzantine Jerash in Jordan.
600 CE: Jerash in Jordan has 15 churches.
611 CE: Last Chrisitan inscription at Jerash, Jordan.
629 CE: Battle of Mu’tah:Muslims attempt to capture the village east of the Jordan River from the Byzantine Empire to show their expanding dominance, resulting in a Muslim defeat.
634 CE - 638 CE: Muslim Conquest of Levant; Arabs take Jordan from Rome.
636 CE: Jerash in Jordan is conquered by the Arabs.
661 CE - 750 CE: Jordan is part of the Umayyad Empire.
734 CE: Palace of Khirbat Al Mafjar is built by Walid Ibn Yazid near Jericho in the Jordan Valley.
9000 BCE 8000 BCE 7000 BCE 6000 BCE 5000 BCE 4000 BCE 3000 BCE 2000 BCE 1000 BCE 0 CE

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