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570 CE 580 CE 590 CE 600 CE 610 CE 620 CE 630 CE 640 CE  
574 CE: Birth of Byzantine emperor Heraclius.
610 CE - 641 CE: Reign of Byzantine emperor Heraclius.
623 CE: The Byzantine emperor Heraclius attacks the Armenian capital of Dvin.
626 CE: A coalition of Persians, Slavs, Avars and Bulgars unsuccessfully lays siege to Constantinople.
627 CE: Byzantine emperor Heraclius wins a crushing victory over the Persian army at Nineveh.
636 CE: A Byzantine army is crushed by an Arab force at the battle of Yarmuk.
641 CE: Death of Byzantine emperor Heraclius.
570 CE 580 CE 590 CE 600 CE 610 CE 620 CE 630 CE

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