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1330 CE 1340 CE 1350 CE 1360 CE 1370 CE 1380 CE 1390 CE 1400 CE 1410 CE 1420 CE 1430 CE 1440 CE 1450 CE  
1337 CE - 1453 CE: The Hundred Years' War between England and France.
1387 CE: Prince Henry, future Henry V of England, is born at Monmouth Castle.
1403 CE: Henry IV of England defeats rebellious barons at the Battle of Shrewsbury. Prince Henry, future Henry V of England also participates.
1409 CE: A royal army led by the Prince of Wales, future King Henry V of England, recaptures Harlech Castle in Wales.
1413 CE - 1422 CE: Reign of Henry V of England.
1413 CE: Henry IV of England dies of illness.
1413 CE: Coronation of Henry V of England in Westminster Abbey.
1414 CE: Henry V of England quashes riots by the heretical Lollards.
1415 CE: Battle of Agincourt in France between English and French armies. The former, led by Henry V of England, were victorious.
1415 CE: Henry V of England captures the Fench port of Harfleur.
1415 CE: Henry V of England foils a plot to usurp his throne, the 'Southampton Plot'.
1417 CE - 1419 CE: Henry V of England conquers Normandy.
1419 CE: Henry V of England captures Rouen.
1420 CE: Treaty of Troyes between England and France which nominates Henry V of England as the successor to Charles VI of France.
1420 CE: Henry V of England marries Catherine of Valois, daughter of Charles VI of France in Troyes Cathedral.
1421 CE: An English army loses to a French army at the Battle of BaugĂ©.
1421 CE: Birth of Henry, son of Henry V of England and future Henry VI of England at Windsor Castle.
1422 CE: Henry V of England captures the French stronghold of Meaux.
1422 CE: Henry V of England dies, probably of dysentery, in Bois de Vincennes.
1429 CE: Coronation of Henry VI of England in Westminster Abbey.
1330 CE 1350 CE 1370 CE 1390 CE 1410 CE 1430 CE

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