Henry III of England Timeline

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1200 CE 1210 CE 1220 CE 1230 CE 1240 CE 1250 CE 1260 CE 1270 CE  
1207 CE: Birth of Henry III of England at Winchester Palace.
1215 CE - 1217 CE: First Barons' War between King John of England and rebel barons.
1216 CE: William Marshal is made the Protector of the Kingdom (of England), regent for the young king Henry III of England.
1216 CE - 1272 CE: Reign of Henry III of England.
1216 CE: Death of King John of England of dysentery.
1216 CE: Henry III of England is crowned king in Gloucester Cathedral.
1216 CE: Coronation of Henry III of England in Gloucester Cathedral.
1217 CE: William Marshal wins the battle of Lincoln against rebellious English barons and their French ally, the future King Louis VIII.
1217 CE: An English fleet destroys a French fleet sent to support Prince Louis' claim to the English throne.
1217 CE: Prince Louis renounces his claim to the English throne.
1219 CE: Death of the great English knight and Protector of the Kingdom William Marshal.
1220 CE: Henry III of England receives his second coronation, this time in Westminster Abbey.
1225 CE: The Magna Carta is reaffirmed by Henry III of England.
1227 CE: Henry III of England, aged 20, takes direct control of his kingdom.
1236 CE: Henry III of England marries Eleanor of Provence.
1258 CE: The Provisions of Oxford gives a council of barons some of the king's powers in England.
1259 CE: The Treaty of Paris leaves the English Crown with no lands in France except Gascony.
1262 CE: Henry III of England repudiates the Provisions of Oxford.
1264 CE - 1267 CE: Second Barons' War between rebel barons and the king of England.
1264 CE: Royalists in support of Henry III of England defend Rochester Castle against an unsuccessful rebel siege.
1264 CE: Simon de Montfort imprisons Henry III of England and Prince Edward and declares himself king.
1265 CE: Prince Edward, future Edward I of England, manages to escape his captors and form a royalist army to try and reinstate his father, Henry III of England.
1265 CE: Prince Edward, future Edward I of England, defeats the pretender Simon de Montfort at Evesham.
1272 CE: Death of Henry III of England of a stroke.
1274 CE: Edward I of England is crowned at Westminster Abbey.
1200 CE 1210 CE 1220 CE 1230 CE 1240 CE 1250 CE 1260 CE

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