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200 BCE 100 BCE 0 CE 100 CE 200 CE 300 CE 400 CE 500 CE 600 CE  
200 BCE - 600 CE: Construction of the 30 Buddhist cave-shrines at Ajanta, many of which display features of Gupta architecture.
320 CE: Gupta I founds the Gupta Empire in northern India
320 CE - 550 CE: Gupta period, considered a golden age of ancient India in art and architecture.
401 CE: The earliest inscribed date in the Gupta-era cave-shrines at Udayagiri.
480 CE - 500 CE: The Gupta-era Hindu temple at Bhitargaon is built.
200 BCE 100 BCE 0 CE 100 CE 200 CE 300 CE 400 CE 500 CE

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