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57 BCE - 668 CE: Three Kingdoms Period in Korea (Silla, Goguryeo, and Baekje).
37 BCE - 668 CE: The Goguryeo kingdom rules in northern Korea.
37 BCE: Traditional founding date of the Goguryeo Kindom in northern Korea.
3 CE: The Goguryeo capital is established at Kungnaesong.
53 CE - 146 CE: Reign of Goguryeo king Taejo in northern Korea.
179 CE - 196 CE: Reign of Goguryeo king Kogukchon in northern Korea.
313 CE: The Goguryeo kingdom conquers the last Chinese commandery at Lelang.
331 CE - 371 CE: Reign of Goguryeo king Gogugwon in northern Korea.
342 CE: Murong Huang invades Korea from China and sacks the Goguryeo capital of Kungnaesong, taking 50,000 inhabitants prisoner.
371 CE: Baekje conquers the Mahan federation and attacks Pyongyang, killing the Goguryeo king Gogugwon.
372 CE: A Confucian Academy is established in the Goguryeo kingdom of northern Korea and Buddism is adopted as the state religion.
391 CE - 413 CE: Reign of Goguryeo king Gwanggaeto the Great in northern Korea.
413 CE - 491 CE: Reign of Goguryeo king Changsu in northern Korea.
427 CE: Pyongyang replaces Kungnaesong as the Goguryeo capital.
475 CE: Goguryeo attacks the Baekje kingdom, killing the king Gaero and forcing the abandonment of Hansong, his capital.
612 CE: Goguryeo general Ulchi Mundok wins a great victory against the Chinese Sui at the battle of the Salsu River.
628 CE: The Goguryeo kingdom of northern Korea builds a 480-km defensive wall as protection against attack from China.
642 CE: The Baekje and Goguryeo kingdoms join forces against the Silla and conquer Taeya-song (modern Hapchon).
642 CE - 668 CE: Reign of Goguryeo king Pojang in northern Korea.
644 CE: A Goguryeo army defeats a combined Silla and Tang army.
661 CE: A Tang Dynasty army unsuccessfully besieges the Goguryeo capital of Pyongyang.
667 CE: A Tang Dynasty army besieges the Goguryeo capital of Pyongyang for a second time, this time successfully.
668 CE: The Goguryeo kingdom of northern Korea collapses following an attack by the Tang Dynasty of China.
901 CE: Gung Ye (Kungye) declares a new state in northern Korea known as Later Goguryeo (Hugoguryo).
918 CE: Wang Geon (Wang Kon) replaces Gung Ye (Kungye) as leader of Later Goguryeo.
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