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1500 BCE - 500 CE: The Gandhara Civilization flourishes in what is today the northern portion of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
520 BCE - 325 CE: Achaemenid rule in the Gandhara region.
325 BCE - 320 BCE: Greek rule in Gandhara, ending some time after the death of Alexander the Great.
320 BCE - 180 BCE: Mauryan rule in the Gandhara region, beginning with Chandragupta Maurya.
186 BCE: Demetrios wins a decisive battle in Gandhara, beginning the Yona (or Greek era) in India.
180 BCE - 80 BCE: Period of Indo-Greek rule in the Gandhara region.
80 BCE - 75 CE: The combined Scytho-Parthians rule Gandhara.
55 BCE - 50 BCE: Gandhara and Western Punjab lost to Indo-Saka kings.
75 CE - 450 CE: Kushan rule in the Gandhara region, arguably the golden era of the Gandhara civilization in which art, architecture and the propagation of the Buddhist religion excelled.
455 CE - 484 CE: Reign of the Tegin Tunjina or Khingila of the White Huns in the region known as Gandhara.
470 CE: Beginning of White Hun Raids into India.
484 CE - 515 CE: Reign of the White Hun king Tormana, son of Tunjina.
515 CE - 533 CE: Reign of the king Mihirakula of the White Huns in Gandhara.
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