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1190 CE 1200 CE  
1198 CE: Pope Innocent III calls for the Fourth Crusade to liberate Jerusalem from Muslim rule.
1201 CE: Marquis Boniface of Montferrat is selected to lead the Fourth Crusade.
1202 CE - 1204 CE: The Fourth Crusade is formed to recapture Jerusalem for Christendom. Instead, the Crusaders attack Constantinople.
1202 CE: The Fourth Crusade fleet leaves Venice.
1202 CE: The armies of the Fourth Crusade capture Christian Zara on the Dalmatian coast.
1203 CE: A small force of Crusader knights arrives in the Middle East during the Fourth Crusade.
1203 CE: The army of the Fourth Crusade arrives at Constantinople.
1204 CE: Constantinople is sacked by the Fourth Crusaders.
1204 CE: Count Baldwin of Flanders is made the first Latin Emperor of Constantinople.
1190 CE 1200 CE

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