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1991 BCE - 1962 CE: First professional standing army of Egypt formed in the reign of King Amenemhat I.
1570 BCE - 1069 BCE: Period of the Egyptian Empire during the New Kingdom.
1570 BCE: Ahmose I drives the Hyksos from Egypt and establishes buffer states around borders which become provinces of empire.
1541 BCE - 1520 BCE: Professional army of the empire develops under the reign of Amenhotep I.
1458 BCE - 1425 BCE: Thutmose III expands the Egyptian Empire and encourages cultural development.
1386 BCE - 1353 BCE: The reign of Amenhotep III during which Egyptian Empire reaches its greatest height.
1353 BCE - 1336 BCE: Reign of Akhenaten whose religious reforms cripple the economy and damage international relations and trade; Egyptian Empire declines under his rule.
1320 BCE - 1295 BCE: Religious traditions and trade agreements restored under the reign of King Horemheb; Egyptian Empire revives.
1279 BCE - 1213 BCE: Reign of Ramesses II (the Great) during which Egyptian Empire flourishes.
1186 BCE - 1155 BCE: Reign of Ramesses III during which Egyptian Empire enters period of decline.
1178 BCE: Invasion of Egypt by the Sea Peoples; costly war depletes treasury and labor force.
1159 BCE: First recorded worker's strike in history under the reign of Ramesses III because pay was late; first obvious sign of decline of the Egyptian Empire.
1155 BCE - 1077 BCE: The Ramessid Period during which the Egyptian Empire steadily declines and falls. .
1107 BCE - 1077 BCE: Reign of Ramesses XI during which Egyptian Empire crumbles and falls.
1069 BCE: End of the New Kingdom/Egyptian Empire and beginning of the Third Intermediate Period of Egypt.
2000 BCE 1500 BCE 1000 BCE 500 BCE 0 CE 500 CE 1000 CE 1500 CE

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