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2670 BCE - 2613 BCE: Concepts later included in Book of the Dead inscribed in tombs of Third Dynasty of Egypt.
1991 BCE - 1802 BCE: The Egyptian Book of the Dead written on papyrus and included in tombs of the 12th Dynasty of Egypt.
1600 BCE: Spells of The Egyptian Book of the Dead divided into chapters.
1570 BCE - 1069 BCE: The Egyptian Book of the Dead printed on demand throughout Egypt; book is a best-seller from period of the New Kingdom onwards.
650 BCE: Text of The Egyptian Book of the Dead fixed at 190 Spells.
323 BCE - 30 BCE: The Egyptian Book of the Dead continues in popular use through the Ptolemaic Dynasty, the last to rule Egypt before the coming of Rome.
2700 BCE 2300 BCE 1900 BCE 1500 BCE 1100 BCE 700 BCE 300 BCE

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