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Early Joseon Period Timeline

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  • 1392 CE - 1550 CE
  • 1392 CE - 1398 CE
    Reign of King Taejo, founder of the Joseon Dynasty.
  • 1398 CE
    Strife of the Princes in Korea; Taejo's sons fight to become their father's heir.
  • 1398 CE - 1400 CE
    Reign of King Jeongjong of Joseon.
  • 1400 CE
    The second Strife of the Princes in Korea.
  • 1400 CE - 1418 CE
    Reign of King Taejong of Joseon.
  • 1418 CE - 1450 CE
    Reign of Sejong the Great.
  • 1419 CE
    The Gihae Expansion, Tsushima comes under Joseon control.
  • 1420 CE
    Sejong the Great creates the Hall of Worthies (Jiphyeonjeon) to act both as advisors to the king and as an academic research engine.
  • 1443 CE
    The Japanese and Korean governments sign the Treaty of Kyehae which permits legitimate trade with the intention of weakening the wako pirates.
  • 1443 CE
    Hangul, the Korean alphabet, is finalized by Sejong the Great.
  • 1450 CE - 1452 CE
    Reign of King Munjong of Joseon.
  • 1452 CE - 1455 CE
    Reign of King Danjong of Joseon.
  • 1455 CE - 1468 CE
    Reign of King Sejo of Joseon.
  • 1494 CE - 1506 CE
    Reign of King Yeonsangun of Joseon.
  • 1494 CE
    The First Literati Purge of the Early Joseon Period.
  • 1506 CE - 1544 CE
    Reign of King Jungjong of Joseon.
  • 1544 CE - 1545 CE
    Reign of King Injong of Joseon.
  • 1545 CE - 1567 CE
    Reign of King Myeongjong of Joseon.

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