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1530 CE 1540 CE  
1534 CE: The Act of Supremacy declares Herny VIII of England the head of the Church in England and not the Pope.
1535 CE: Thomas Cromwell and a team of inspectors compile the Valor Ecclesiasticus, a record of all the wealth and income of monastic institutions in England and Wales.
1536 CE: Henry VIII of England and Thomas Cromwell push a bill through Parliament which begins the Dissolution of the Monasteries in England and Wales.
1536 CE: The Pilgrimage of Grace, a popular uprising against religious changes made by Henry VIII of England, marches in the north of England.
1539 CE: Parliament passes an act to close all monasteries in England and Wales regardless of size.
1540 CE: Waltham Abbey in Essex is the last monastery to close in England.
1530 CE

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