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Despotate of the Morea Timeline

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  • 1259
    Battle of Pelagonia: Manfred of Sicily and William II of Villehardouin are defeated by the Empire of Nicaea. William is forced to cede the castles of Mystras, Maina, and Monemvasia.
  • 1262
    Mystras is retaken by the Byzantines.
  • c. 1289
    The Byzantines move the provincial capital of the Morea from Monemvasia to Mystras.
  • 1349 - 1380
    Manuel Kantakouzenos is the first despot of the Morea.
  • 1361
    Matthew Kantakouzenos moves to Mystras.
  • 1380 - 1383
    Matthew Kantakouzenos rules as despot of the Morea.
  • 1383 - c. 1384
    Rebellion of Demetrios Kantakouzenos against the Palaiologos Dynasty in the Morea.
  • 1383 - 1407
    Theodore I Palaiologos reigns as despot of the Morea.
  • 1388 - 1394
    The Despotate of the Morea takes Argos from the Venetians but ultimately has to return it.
  • 1395
    Carlo I Tocco cedes Cornith to the Byzantines.
  • 1396
    First Ottoman raid of the Morea.
  • 1400 - 1404
    Corinth is given by the Byzantines to the Knights Hospitaller, but the city is ultimately returned to the Byzantines.
  • 1407 - 1443
    Rule of Theodore II Palaiologos, despot of the Morea.
  • 1408
    Visit of Manuel II Palaiologos, Byzantine emperor, to Mystras.
  • 1415
    Visit of Byzantine emperor Manuel II Palaiologos to Mystras.
  • 1415
    Rebuilding of the Hexamilion Wall along the Isthmus of Corinth by the Byzantines.
  • 1423
    Ottoman raid into the Morea.
  • 1426
    The Byzantines decisively defeat Carlo I Tocco off the coast from Clarentza.
  • 1429
    Constantine Palaiologos takes the city of Patras.
  • 1431
    Ottoman raid into the Morea.
  • 1432
    The Principality of Achaea is completely subsumed by the Byzantines.
  • 1443 - 1449
    Constantine Palaiologos rules as despot of the Morea.
  • 1444
    The Byzantines briefly capture Athens and Thebes.
  • 1446
    The Ottomans breach the Hexamilion Wall and raid deep into the Morea.
  • 1449
    Constantine XI Palaiologos is crowned as the last Byzantine emperor in Mystras.
  • 1458
    The despots of the Morea are forced to cede one-third of their territory to the Ottomans.
  • 1460 - 1461
    The Ottomans conquer the Despotate of the Morea.

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