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  • 1205 CE - 1479 CE
  • 1205 CE - 1215 CE
    Reign of Michael I Komnenos Doukas in Epirus.
  • 1215 CE - 1230 CE
    Reign of Theodore I Komnenos Doukas in Epirus.
  • 1217 CE
    Theodore I Komnenos Doukas of Epirus captures Peter of Courtenay, the Latin Emperor.
  • 1224 CE
    Theodore I Komnenos Doukas of Epirus recaptures Thessalonica from the Latins.
  • 1227 CE
    Theodore I Komnenos Doukas crowned the Emperor of Thessalonica in Ohrid.
  • 1230 CE
    Battle of Klokotnitsa, in which the Bulgarian army under Tsar Ivan Asen II defeated Theodore Komennos Doukas, Despot of Epirus.
  • 1230 CE - 1241 CE
    Reign of Manuel Komnenos Doukas in Thessalonica (1230-1237 CE) and Thessaly (1230-1241 CE).
  • 1230 CE - c. 1267 CE
    Reign of Michael II Komnenos Doukas, Despot of Epirus.
  • 1237 CE - 1244 CE
    Reign of John Komnenos Doukas in Thessalonica.
  • 1242 CE
    The Empire of Thessalonica is forced to submit as a despotate to the Empire of Nicaea.
  • 1244 CE - 1246 CE
    Reign of Demetrios Komnenos Doukas in Thessalonica.
  • 1246 CE
  • 1257 CE
    Manfred of Sicily invades the Despotate of Epirus and conquers Durazzo, Corfu, Valona, Kanina, and Berat.
  • 1259 CE
    Battle of Pelagonia: Byzantine forces defeat the combined armies of the Principality of Achaea and Manfred of Sicily. Epirote forces withdraw before the battle.
  • 1264 CE
    Peace treaty between the Byzantine Empire and the Despotate of Epirus.
  • c. 1267 CE - 1297 CE
    Reign of Nikephoros I Komnenos Doukas, Despot of Epirus.
  • 1297 CE - 1318 CE
    Reign of Thomas Komnenos Doukas, Despot of Epirus.
  • 1318 CE
    Thomas Komnenos Doukas, Despot of Epirus, is murdered by his nephew, Count Nicholas Orsini of Cephalonia.
  • 1318 CE - 1323 CE
    Reign of Nicholas Orsini, Despot of Epirus.
  • 1318 CE
    The city of Ioannina joins the Byzantine Empire.
  • 1323 CE - 1335 CE
    Reign of John II Orsini, Despot of Epirus.
  • 1325 CE
    John II Orsini, Despot of Epirus, is dethroned as Count of Cephalonia.
  • 1333 CE
    Brief occupation of land in Thessaly by the Despotate of Epirus.
  • 1335 CE - 1340 CE
    Reign of Nikephoros II Orsini, Despot of Epirus.
  • 1338 CE
    Anna, widow of John II Orsini, signs over the Despotate of Epirus to the Byzantine Empire.
  • 1340 CE
    Byzantine forces defeat the Epirote rebels under Nikephoros II Orsini, reincorporating the territory into the Byzantine Empire.
  • c. 1348 CE
    Serbian forces under Stefan Dusan conquer Epirus.
  • 1356 CE - 1359 CE
    Second reign of Nikephoros II Orsini, Despot of Epirus.
  • 1359 CE - 1367 CE
    Reign of Symeon Uros over Ioannina.
  • 1367 CE - 1384 CE
    Reign of Thomas Preljubovic in Ioannina.
  • 1385 CE - 1411 CE
    Reign of Esau Buondelmonti in Ioannina.
  • 1399 CE
    Esau Buondelmonti, Despot of Ioannina, is captured by Albanians.
  • 1400 CE - 1408 CE
    Carlo I Tocco, Count of Cephalonia, conquers Akarnania and Aitolia from the Albanians.
  • 1411 CE
    Carlo I Tocco is proclaimed the lord of Ioannina.
  • 1412 CE
    Battle of Kranea: Albanian forces defeat Carlo I Tocco, Count of Cephalonia.
  • 1415 CE
    Manuel II Palaiologos grants the title of despot of Epirus to Carlo I Tocco, Count of Cephalonia.
  • 1416 CE
    Carlo I Tocco conquers the city of Arta, reuniting the Despotate of Epirus.
  • 1421 CE - 1426 CE
    Carlo I Tocco, Despot of Epirus, attempts to conquer the Principality of Achaea, but is defeated by Byzantine forces.
  • 1429 CE - 1448 CE
    Reign of Carlo II Tocco in Epirus.
  • 1430 CE
    Ioannina surrenders to the Ottoman Empire.
  • 1448 CE - 1479 CE
    Reign of Leonardo III Tocco in Epirus.
  • 1449 CE
    Arta is conquered by the Ottoman Empire.
  • 1479 CE
    The Ottoman Empire conquers the remaining territory of the Despotate of Epirus: Vonitsa, Cephalonia, Ithaka, Zante, and Lefkada.

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