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1270 CE 1280 CE 1290 CE 1300 CE 1310 CE 1320 CE 1330 CE 1340 CE 1350 CE 1360 CE 1370 CE 1380 CE 1390 CE  
1272 CE - 1307 CE: Reign of Edward I of England.
1283 CE - 1292 CE: Conwy Castle in Wales is built by Edward I of England.
1294 CE - 1295 CE: King Edward I of England is trapped at Conwy Castle over the winter by a force of Welsh rebels.
1301 CE: Edward, future King Edward II of England, is presented as the new Prince of Wales at Conwy Castle.
1399 CE: King Richard II of England is forced to give himself up from his refuge in Conwy Castle.
1270 CE 1290 CE 1310 CE 1330 CE 1350 CE 1370 CE 1390 CE

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