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780 CE 790 CE  
780 CE - 790 CE: Empress Irene rules as regent for Byzantine emperor Constantine VI.
780 CE - 797 CE: Reign of Byzantine emperor Constantine VI (with Empress Iren as regent 780-790 CE).
787 CE: Byzantine emperor Constantine VI marries Mary of Amnia.
787 CE: The Ecumenical Council of Nicaea rules an end to iconoclasm in the Byzantine Christian Church.
790 CE: Byzantine emperor Constantine VI exiles his mother and regent Empress Irene.
795 CE: Constantine VI divorces Mary of Amnia and then marries his mistress Theodote, causing the so-called Moechian Controversy, which divides the Byzantine Church.
797 CE: Byzantine empress Irene blinds and kills her son Constantine VI.
780 CE 790 CE

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