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720 CE 730 CE 740 CE 750 CE 760 CE 770 CE  
720 CE: Byzantine emperor Leo III makes his son Constantine V co-emperor.
741 CE - 775 CE: Reign of Byzantine emperor Constantine V
744 CE: Emperor Constantine V regains the Byzantine throne from the usurper Artabasdos.
746 CE - 752 CE: Byzantine emperor Constantine V conducts successful campaigns in northern Syria and Armenia.
754 CE: The Council of Hieria declares the worship of icons by Christians as heresy.
755 CE: Byzantine emperor Constantine V instigates a persecution of Christians who worship icons.
756 CE - 775 CE: Byzantine emperor Constantine V wins a string of military victories against the Bulgars.
720 CE 730 CE 740 CE 750 CE 760 CE 770 CE

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