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640 CE 650 CE 660 CE  
641 CE - 668 CE: Reign of Byzantine emperor Constans II.
642 CE: Byzantine Alexandria falls to the Arab Caliphate.
642 CE: Byzantine emperor Constans II attacks the Armenian capital of Dvin.
648 CE: Byzantine emperor Constans II issues his edict forbidding further discussion on Monotheletism.
649 CE: The Arab Caliphate attacks Byzantine Cyprus.
654 CE: Byzantine Crete, Kos and Rhodes fall to the Arab Caliphate.
655 CE: A Byzantine fleet is destroyed by the Arab Caliphate off the coast of Lycia.
659 CE: A peace treaty is signed between the Byzantine Empire and the Arab Caliphate.
663 CE: Byzantine emperor Constans II takes up permanent residence at Syracuse, Sicily.
663 CE: Byzantine emperor Constans II visits the Pope in Rome.
668 CE: Byzantine Emperor Constans II is killed in his bath in Syracuse, Sicily.
640 CE 650 CE 660 CE

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