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551 BCE - 479 BCE: Life of Confucius.
310 BCE - 235 BCE: Life of Confucian philosopher and scholar Xunxi (Hun Kuang), last of the Five Great Sages of Confucianism, and reformer of the Confucian philosophical system. .
202 BCE - 220 CE: Han Dynasty reigns in China.
141 BCE - 87 BCE: Han Emperor Wu abandons Legalism in favor of Confucianism.
141 BCE - 87 BCE: Reign of Wu the great of the Han Dynasty who establishes Confucianism as state philosophy.
141 BCE - 87 BCE: Reign of Wu the Great of the Han Dynasty; Confucianism becomes state philosophy.
372 CE: A Confucian Academy is established in the Goguryeo kingdom of northern Korea and Buddism is adopted as the state religion.
682 CE: A National Confucian Academy is established in the Unified Silla Kingdom.
756 CE - 907 CE: Taoism loses popular support with the decline of the Tang Dynasty. Replaced by Confucianism and Buddhism.
788 CE: An examination for state administrators based on Confucianism is introduced in the Unified Silla Kingdom.
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