Christine de Pizan Timeline

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  • 1364 CE - c. 1430 CE
  • 1389 CE
    Christine's husband Etienne dies; Christine turns to writing to support herself and family.
  • 1393 CE
    Publication of One Hundred Ballads launches career of Christine de Pizan.
  • 1399 CE
    Publication of Letter of Othea to Hector and Letter of the God of Love by Christine de Pizan.
  • 1402 CE
    Publication of The Tale of the Rose by Christine de Pizan, a critique of The Romance of the Rose.
  • 1405 CE
    Publication of The Book of the City of the Ladies and The Treasure of the City of the Ladies (Book of the Three Virtues) by Christine de Pizan.
  • 1429 CE
    Publication of The Tale of Joan of Arc by Christine de Pizan, the first and only poem celebrating Joan in her lifetime.

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