Chinese Emperor Timeline

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1050 BCE: King Wen of Zhou is the first Chinese ruler to claim a Mandate of Heaven.
221 BCE: King Ying Zheng assumes the title Shi Huangdi, First Emperor of China. Founds Qin Dynasty.
210 BCE: First Emperor of China Shi Huangdi dies, buried with army of 8,000 terracotta warriors in palace tomb.
206 BCE: Emperor Gaozu (Liu Bang) becomes the first Han ruler.
202 BCE: Liu Bang is proclaimed emperor of China after defeating the rebel Xiang Yu.
141 BCE - 87 BCE: Reign of Emperor Emperor Wu (also known as Wu Di).
9 CE: Wang Man takes control of the empire by usurping the throne and proclaiming the the beginning of a new dynasty called Xin “new”.
168 CE - 189 CE: Ling is emperor in China.
190 CE: Dong Zhou seized control of the Chinese imperial capital and placed a child, Liu Xie, as the new ruler.
581 CE - 601 CE: Reign of Wen (aka Wendi), first Sui emperor in China.
598 CE - 649 CE: Life of Li-Shimin, Emperor Taizong of China.
604 CE - 618 CE: Reign of Yang (aka Yangdi), second and last Sui emperor in China.
618 CE - 626 CE: Reign of Gaozu, 1st Emperor of Tang Dynasty in China.
626 CE - 649 CE: Reign of Emperor Taizong in China.
649 CE - 683 CE: Reign of Emperor Gaozong in China.
683 CE - 704 CE: Reign of Empress Wu Zetian, only female monarch of China.
712 CE - 756 CE: Reign of Xuanzong, 7th emperor of the Tang Dynasty in China.
756 CE: Chinese emperor Xuanzong abdicates in favor of his son Suzong.
762 CE: Death of Chinese emperor Xuanzong.
840 CE - 846 CE: Reign of Chinese emperor Wuzong of the Tang dynasty.
960 CE - 976 CE: Reign of Emperor Taizu, founder of the Song dynasty in China.
976 CE - 997 CE: Reign of Emperor Taizong of the Song dynasty in China.
997 CE - 1022 CE: Reign of Emperor Zhenzong of the Song dynasty in China.
1022 CE - 1063 CE: Reign of Emperor Renzong of the Song dynasty in China.
1063 CE - 1067 CE: Reign of Emperor Yingzong of the Song dynasty in China.
1067 CE - 1085 CE: Reign of Emperor Shenzong of the Song dynasty in China.
1085 CE - 1100 CE: Reign of Emperor Zhizong of the Song dynasty in China.
1100 CE - 1126 CE: Reign of Emperor Huizong of the Song dynasty in China.
1127 CE - 1162 CE: Reign of Emperor Gaozong of the Song dynasty in China.
1162 CE - 1189 CE: Reign of Emperor Xiaozong of the Song dynasty in China.
1189 CE - 1194 CE: Reign of Emperor Guangzong of the Song dynasty in China.
1194 CE - 1224 CE: Reign of Emperor Ningzong of the Song dynasty in China.
1224 CE - 1264 CE: Reign of Emperor Lizong of the Song dynasty in China.
1264 CE - 1274 CE: Reign of Emperor Duzong of the Song dynasty in China.
1274 CE - 1275 CE: Reign of Emperor Gongzong of the Song dynasty in China.
1275 CE - 1277 CE: Reign of Emperor Duanzong of the Song dynasty in China.
1278 CE - 1279 CE: Reign of Emperor Dibing of the Song dynasty in China.
1368 CE - 1644 CE: Reign of the Ming Dynasty in China.
1368 CE - 1398 CE: Reign of the Hongwu Emperor, founder of the Ming Dynasty in China.
1398 CE - 1402 CE: Reign of the Jianwen Emperor of the Chinese Ming Dynasty.
1403 CE - 1424 CE: Reign of the Yongle Emperor (aka Chengzu) of the Ming Dynasty.
1100 BCE 700 BCE 300 BCE 100 CE 500 CE 900 CE 1300 CE

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