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360 BCE 350 BCE 340 BCE 330 BCE 320 BCE 310 BCE 300 BCE  
355 BCE - 297 BCE: Life of Cassander, self-proclaimed king of Macedon, son of Antipater.
323 BCE: Death of Alexander the Great.
319 BCE: Death of Antipater, regent of Macedon.
316 BCE: Thessalonica is founded by Cassander.
316 BCE: Death of Olympias, mother of Alexander the Great.
310 BCE: Assassination of Roxanne and Alexander IV, wife and son of Alexander the Great.
305 BCE - 297 BCE: Cassander is self-proclaimed king of Macedon.
301 BCE: The Battle of Ipsus in central Phrygia where Lysimachus and Seleucos I defeat Antigonus I and Demetrius I of Macedon.
360 BCE 350 BCE 340 BCE 330 BCE 320 BCE 310 BCE

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