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228 BCE: Carthago Nova founded by Carthaginian general and politician Hasdrubal the Fair.
209 BCE: Carthago Nova taken by Scipio Africanus.
209 BCE: Scipio Africanus captures the Carthaginian base and treasury Carthago Nova in southern Spain.
44 BCE: Julius Caesar makes Carthago Nova a colonia.
27 BCE - 14 CE: Emperor Augustus revitalizes Carthago Nova, lavishing funds on the city for streets and building projects.
298 CE: Emperor Diocletian makes Carthago Nova capital of the province of Hispania Carthaginensis.
409 CE: Vandals take Carthago Nova.
425 CE: Visigoths take Carthago Nova from the Vandals.
435 CE: Vandals sack Carthago Nova.
550 CE: Emperor Justinian makes Carthago Nova capital of Spania.
714 CE: Carthago Nova taken during the Muslim Invasion of the 8th century CE.
1243 CE: Carthago Nova taken by Fernando III of Castille in the Reconquista of Spain. .
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