Carthaginian Naval Warfare Timeline

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535 BCE: Battle of Alalia. Carthaginian navy, in alliance with Etruscans, defeated Greek ships off the island of Corsica.
264 BCE - 241 BCE: First Punic War. Carthage cedes Sicily to Rome.
260 BCE: First Roman naval victory against Carthage off Mylae in the First Punic War.
260 BCE: Rome builds a fleet of 120 ships in just 60 days to fight the First Punic War.
258 BCE: Rome wins a naval battle against Carthage at Sulcis during the First Punic War.
256 BCE: Roman naval victory against Carthage off Ecnomus during the First Punic War.
249 BCE: Carthage defeats Rome in a naval battle at Drepanum during the First Punic War.
247 BCE: Hamilcar Barca raids southern Italy and then lands on Sicily during the First Punic War.
242 BCE: A Roman fleet besieges the Carthaginian stronghold of Drepana on Sicily during the First Punic War.
241 BCE: Roman naval victory off the Aegates Islands leads to victory over Carthage, ending the First Punic War.
218 BCE - 202 BCE: Second Punic War.
149 BCE - 146 BCE: Third Punic War.
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