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312 CE: Constantine I introduces the gold nomisma (solidus) coin.
491 CE - 518 CE: Byzantine emperor Anastasios I introduces the copper follis coin (288 are worth one gold nomisma).
691 CE: Byzantine emperor Justinian II mints the first coins to depict Jesus Christ.
720 CE - 721 CE: The silver miliaresion coin is introduced in the Byzantine Empire by Leo III.
797 CE - 802 CE: Empress Irene is the first Byzantine ruler to put an image of herself on both sides of her coinage.
963 CE - 969 CE: Byzantine emperor Nikephoros II Phokas introduces the gold tetarteron coin (one-twelfth of a gold nomisma in value).
1092 CE: Alexios I Komnenos introduces the electrum hyperpyron coin (worth one-third of a gold nomisma).
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