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500 CE 510 CE 520 CE 530 CE 540 CE 550 CE 560 CE  
505 CE: Flavius Belisarius born in Illyria.
532 CE: Belisarius puts down the Nika Uprising, slaughtering between 20,000 and 30,000 people.
533 CE: Belisarius defeats the Persians to the east of the Byzantine Empire and the Vandals of Africa.
533 CE: Invasion of North Africa by Roman Empire led by Belisarius.
533 CE: Vandals under Gelimer defeated at Battle of Ad Decium and Battle of Tricameron by Romans under Belisarius.
534 CE: Belisarius celebrates a triumph in Constantinople following victories against the Persians and Vandals.
535 CE: Belisarius' first campaign against the Ostrogoths in Italy.
535 CE: Belisarius conquers Sicily and Naples.
536 CE: Rome falls to Belisarius.
539 CE: Belisarius conquers Ravenna and captures the Ostrogoth king Witigis.
540 CE: Justinian I recalls Belisarius and sends him against the Persians.
545 CE: Belisarius' second campaign against the Ostrogoths in Italy.
559 CE: Belisarius is recalled again to Constantinople to defeat the invading Bulgars.
562 CE: Belisarius is arrested and imprisoned on trumped-up charges of corruption. Pardoned by Justinian and restored to former position.
565 CE: Belisarius dies in Constantinople of natural causes.
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