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560 CE 570 CE 580 CE 590 CE 600 CE 610 CE 620 CE 630 CE 640 CE 650 CE 660 CE 670 CE 680 CE 690 CE  
562 CE - 602 CE: Reign of King Bayan I of the Avars.
565 CE: Bayan I brokers deal with Eastern Empire for Avars as mercenaries.
567 CE: Bayan I allies with Alboin of the Lombards to defeat Gepids of Pannonia.
568 CE: Bayan I establishes base of operations for his empire building.
569 CE - 592 CE: Establishment and expansion of the Avar Empire through the conquests of Bayan I.
602 CE: Death of Bayan I.
630 CE - 695 CE: Decline of the Avar Empire under Bayan I's successors.
696 CE: Avar Empire conquered by the Franks under Charlemagne.
560 CE 580 CE 600 CE 620 CE 640 CE 660 CE 680 CE

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