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860 CE 870 CE 880 CE  
865 CE: Byzantine emperor Michael III arranges for the chief minister Bardas to be assassinated by Basil the Macedonian.
866 CE: Byzantine emperor Michael III makes Basil the Macedonian co-emperor.
867 CE: Basil the Macedonian murders Byzantine emperor Michael III and declares himself Emperor Basil I.
867 CE - 886 CE: Reign of Byzantine emperor Basil I.
869 CE: Byzantine emperor Basil I crowns his son Constantine co-emperor.
870 CE: Byzantine emperor Basil I crowns his son Leo co-emperor (future Leo VI).
880 CE: Basil I builds the Nea Ekklesia (New Church) in the palace grounds of Constantinople.
883 CE: A decree by Byzantine emperor Basil I is the first recorded evidence of a monastery on Mount Athos.
886 CE: Byzantine emperor Basil I is (probably) murdered by his son and successor Leo VI.
860 CE 870 CE 880 CE

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