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1500 BCE 1400 BCE 1300 BCE 1200 BCE 1100 BCE 1000 BCE 900 BCE 800 BCE 700 BCE 600 BCE 500 BCE 400 BCE 300 BCE 200 BCE 100 BCE 0 CE 100 CE 200 CE 300 CE 400 CE 500 CE 600 CE  
1500 BCE - 1000 BCE: The Zoroastrian Avesta is developed in oral form.
550 BCE - 330 BCE: Avesta informs the policies of the Achaemenid Persian Empire.
247 BCE - 224 CE: Avesta continues to inform Parthian Empire.
224 CE - 651 CE: Avesta is committed to writing under the Sassanian Empire who make Zoroastrianism the state religion.
309 CE - 379 CE: Reign of Shapur II of the Sassanian Empire during which the Avesta is written down.
651 CE: Copies of Avesta and other Zoroastrian works destroyed during Muslim Arab Conquest.
1500 BCE 1100 BCE 700 BCE 300 BCE 100 CE 500 CE

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