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360 CE 370 CE 380 CE  
365 CE - 380 CE: Reign of Athanaric, King of the Goths.
367 CE - 369 CE: Athanaric repels Roman invasion of his territory by Valens of the Eastern Roman Empire.
369 CE: Athanaric and Valens sign peace treaty in the middle of the Danube River.
369 CE - 372 CE: Athanaric's persecution of Gothic Christians.
370 CE: Gothic Civil War between Athanaric and Fritigern.
370 CE: Gothic Civil War between Athanaric and Fritigern.
370 CE: Fritigern battles Athanaric in the Gothic Civil War.
376 CE: Goths under Fritigern flee to Rome; Athanaric fights the Huns alone.
376 CE - 379 CE: Athanaric tries to fight back against increasing Hun invasion.
376 CE: Hun invasion of Gothic region.
379 CE: Athanaric abandons tribal lands to the Huns and leads his people to Caucaland region.
379 CE: Hun invasion drives Goths under Athanaric to Caucalands.
380 CE: Athanaric is expelled from office and exiled from his tribe.
381 CE: Athanaric is received with honors at Constantinople.
381 CE: Death of Athanaric at Constantinople from unknown causes.
360 CE 370 CE

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