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800 BCE - 500 BCE: Greek colonization of the Mediterranean and Black Sea.
800 BCE - 500 BCE: Archaic period of Greece.
800 BCE - 700 BCE: Homer of Greece writes his Iliad and Odyssey.
733 BCE: Corinth founds the colony of Syracuse in Sicily.
733 BCE: Traditional date when Corinth founds a colony on Corcyra.
683 BCE - 682 BCE: List of annual archons at Athens begins.
650 BCE: Sparta crushes Messenian revolt.
650 BCE: Earliest large scale Greek marble sculpture.
650 BCE - 600 BCE: Age of law-givers in Greece.
594 BCE - 593 BCE: In Athens the archon Solon lays the foundations for democracy.
580 BCE: The Kouroi of Argos are sculpted and dedicated at Delphi.
546 BCE - 545 BCE: Persian conquest of Ionian Greek city-states.
539 BCE: Etruscan & Carthaginian alliance expels the Greeks from Corsica.
514 BCE: Fall of the Peisistratid tyranny in Athens.
499 BCE - 494 BCE: Ionian cities rebel against Persian rule.
498 BCE: Ionians and Greek allies invade and burn Sardis (capital of Lydia).
495 BCE: Birth of Pericles.
492 BCE: Darius I of Persia invades Greece.
490 BCE: A combined force of Greek hoplites defeat the Persians at Marathon.
487 BCE - 486 BCE: Archons begin to be appointed by lot in Athens.
483 BCE: Themistocles persuades the Athenians to significantly expand their fleet, which saves them at Salamis and becomes their source of power.
480 BCE: Thebes sides with Persia during Xerxes invasion of Greece.
480 BCE: Battle of Thermopylae. 300 Spartans under King Leonidas and other Greek allies hold back the Persians led by Xerxes I for three days but are defeated.
480 BCE: Battle of Salamis where the Greek naval fleet led by Themistocles defeats the invading armada of Xerxes I of Persia.
800 BCE 760 BCE 720 BCE 680 BCE 640 BCE 600 BCE 560 BCE 520 BCE

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