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1350 BCE 1340 BCE 1330 BCE  
1350 BCE: Birth of Ankhsenamun, daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, wife of Tutankhamun.
1336 BCE: Tutankhamun marries Ankhsenamun, his half-sister.
1336 BCE: Royal Marriage of Ankhsenamun to Tutankhamun.
1336 BCE - 1327 BCE: Reign of Tutankhamun with Ankhsenamun as Queen.
1327 BCE - 1326 BCE: Ankhsenamun writes to Hittite King asking him to send a son to be her husband and King of Egypt.
1327 BCE - 1326 BCE: Ankhsenamun vanishes from the historical record.
1327 BCE: Death of Tutankhamun at the age of 18.
1350 BCE 1340 BCE 1330 BCE

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