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1500 BCE - 1000 BCE: Zoroaster develops his new vision of religious truth which becomes Zoroastrianism.
550 BCE - 651 CE: Ancient Persian culture flourishes under the Achaemenid, Parthian, and Sassanian empires.
550 BCE - 530 BCE: Under the reign of Cyrus II The Great the qanat system of irrigation is introduced on a large scale as well as the yakhchal refrigeration system.
522 BCE - 486 BCE: During the reign of Darius I the Great, roads are built, canal constructed in Egypt, postal system originates.
486 BCE - 465 BCE: Reign of Xerxes I; massive building projects such as Persepolis completed and others begun.
247 BCE - 224 CE: Parthian Empire continues and modifies aspects of the Persian culture.
224 CE - 651 CE: Ancient Persian culture reaches its height during the Sassanian Period.
651 CE: Sassanian Empire falls to the invading Arab Muslims; Persian culture spreads with Arab armies to other regions.
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