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Anahita Timeline

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  • c. 700 BCE - c. 300 BCE
    Probable dates for the development of the worship of the goddess Anahita in ancient Persia.
  • 404 BCE - 358 BCE
    Statues of Anahita are erected in temples throughout the Achaemenid Empire during the reign of Artaxerxes II.
  • 247 BCE - 224 CE
    Anahita becomes a warrior goddess during the Parthian Period.
  • 224 CE - 651 CE
    Anahita continues as a warrior goddess during the Sassanian Period but is equally popular in her traditional role as goddess of water, fertility, health, and wisdom; frequently depicted in art.
  • 651 CE
    Worship of Anahita suppressed by Muslim Arabs after the fall of the Sassanian Empire; she is then replaced by Muslim heroines at shrines.

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