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12000 BCE 11500 BCE 11000 BCE 10500 BCE 10000 BCE 9500 BCE 9000 BCE 8500 BCE 8000 BCE 7500 BCE 7000 BCE 6500 BCE 6000 BCE 5500 BCE 5000 BCE 4500 BCE 4000 BCE 3500 BCE 3000 BCE 2500 BCE 2000 BCE 1500 BCE 1000 BCE 500 BCE  
12000 BCE - 9000 BCE: The Mesolithic (or Middle Stone Age), lasting from the end of the last Ice Age until the start of agriculture, between c. 9000-c. 4000 BCE.
10000 BCE: Beginnings of agriculture in the Middle East.
9000 BCE - 3300 BCE: The Neolithic (or New Stone Age), lasting from the start of agriculture between c. 9000-c. 4000 BCE until the beginning of bronze use c. 3300 BCE.
7000 BCE - 2000 BCE: The Archaic Period in Mesoamerica during which hunter-gatherer culture moved toward agriculture.
6000 BCE - 2900 BCE: Neolithic Age settlements in Greece, beginning of agriculture. .
5000 BCE: Irrigation and agriculture begin in earnest in Mesopotamia.
3500 BCE - 2000 BCE: Nomads settle the region and initiate agriculture during the Early Bronze Age.
2000 BCE - 1000 BCE: Ninurta, though still associated with agriculture, is primarily a hero-god of war.
525 BCE - 323 BCE: Heka represented as a child in Late Period of Ancient Egypt, associated with agriculture.
200 BCE: Iron in the Celtic world experiences a significant boom. Iron manufacturing increase in all facets of life such as weapon construction and agriculture items.
12000 BCE 10000 BCE 8000 BCE 6000 BCE 4000 BCE 2000 BCE

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