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370 BCE 360 BCE 350 BCE 340 BCE 330 BCE 320 BCE 310 BCE 300 BCE 290 BCE  
361 BCE - 289 BCE: Life of Agathocles of Syracuse.
330 BCE: Agathocles is exiled from Syracuse.
319 BCE: Agathocles of Syracuse declares himself strategos auotkrator.
317 BCE: Agathocles takes power in Syracuse.
311 BCE: A Carthaginian army defeats Agathocles of Syracuse near Gela, Sicily.
310 BCE: Agathocles of Syracuse lands an army of 14,000 in North Africa.
309 BCE: Syracuse defeats a Carthaginian army in Sicily and kills their general Hamilcar.
309 BCE - 308 BCE: Agathocles of Syracuse successfuly campaigns in North Africa defeating Carthaginian armies and taking Utica and Hippacra.
307 BCE: Syracusan tyrant Agathocles sacks the city of Segesta.
307 BCE: Carthage defeats the army of Agathocles of Syracuse led by Archagathus while Agathocles is in Sicily.
306 BCE: Agathocles declares himself king of Syracuse.
306 BCE: Carthage and Agathocles of Syracuse sign a peace treaty and divide Sicily between them.
300 BCE: Agathocles of Syracuse campaigns in Italy and captures Bruttium.
295 BCE: Agathocles of Syracuse captures Croton in southern Italy.
289 BCE: Agathocles of Syracuse dies from poison or illness.
370 BCE 360 BCE 350 BCE 340 BCE 330 BCE 320 BCE 310 BCE 300 BCE

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