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1800 BCE 1700 BCE 1600 BCE 1500 BCE 1400 BCE 1300 BCE 1200 BCE 1100 BCE 1000 BCE 900 BCE 800 BCE 700 BCE 600 BCE 500 BCE  
1750 BCE - 1300 BCE: Troy VI - probable Troy of Homer's Iliad. City at its zenith.
1550 BCE: Gold death masks (including that of 'Agamemnon') made at Mycenae.
1500 BCE - 1200 BCE: Mycenae at its peak of influence.
1334 BCE: Trojan War, according to Duris of Samos.
1250 BCE: Trojan War, according to Herodotus.
1184 BCE: Trojan War, according to Eratosthenes.
800 BCE - 700 BCE: Homer of Greece writes his Iliad and Odyssey.
458 BCE: Aeschylus' tragedy trilogy Orestia: 'Agamemnon', Libation Bearers or 'Choephori', and 'The Eumenides' is first performed.
1800 BCE 1600 BCE 1400 BCE 1200 BCE 1000 BCE 800 BCE 600 BCE

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