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530 BCE 520 BCE 510 BCE 500 BCE 490 BCE 480 BCE 470 BCE 460 BCE  
525 BCE - 456 BCE: Life of Greek tragedy poet Aeschylus.
472 BCE: Aeschylus' tragedy 'Persians' is first performed.
467 BCE: Aeschylus' tragedy 'Seven Against Thebes' is first performed.
463 BCE: Aeschylus' tragedy 'The Suppliants' is first performed.
458 BCE: Aeschylus' tragedy trilogy Orestia: 'Agamemnon', Libation Bearers or 'Choephori', and 'The Eumenides' is first performed.
457 BCE: Aeschylus' tragedy 'Prometheus Bound' is first performed.
456 BCE: Aeschylus dies in Gela, Sicily.
530 BCE 520 BCE 510 BCE 500 BCE 490 BCE 480 BCE 470 BCE

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